Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 With No Regrets

I'm working on a message I'm going to be sharing at Crossbridge Church on January 2nd. My question is "How do we live with no regrets?"

Most people make some kind of New Year's Resolutions, but over 95% are them are never kept. This often leads to guilt or regrets. It's also not uncommon to look back over the year and wonder, "Did I accomplish all that I could have? Did I nurture and strengthen my important relationships as I would have liked to? Did I serve God's Kingdom purposes as He desired? Did I develop and use my talents/resources as well as I could have?"

Now guilt is rarely (if ever) productive, so don't let yourself go there right now! I'm just thinking about how to make 2011 a year of no regrets.

Three things come to my mind: Clarify your Priorities, Focus, and then Follow-Through.

I just wrote a blog for entrepreneurs on these 3 skills if you would like to read it. Now I'm wrestling with the question, "How Biblical is this advice?" What passages or characters from Scripture help us see this from God's perspective. I believe it is Biblical, but I would definitely like to know what you think. Please, give me a comment or some feedback. Thanks.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Gospel is Neither Religion Nor Irreligion

I'm enjoying The Gospel in Life by Tim Keller. Here's what I'm learning today.

The Gospel is neither religion nor irreligion. It is something else altogether. Religion makes law and moral obedience a means of salvation, while irreligion makes the individual a law to him- or herself. The gospel, however, is that Jesus takes the law of God so seriously that he paid the penalty of disobedience, so we can be saved by sheer grace.

Because of this I can appreciate God's law much more! Since Jesus has paid the penalty for me being a law-breaker, I am freed from the moral law as a system of salvation. I'm secure in my relationship with God because Jesus has paid the penalty and given me his righteousness.

I also appreciate the law because it reveals to me the nature and heart of God. It shows me what is important to God, the things he loves and hates, the things that are good and evil.

The Gospel is not religion - I don't have to do anything to earn anything. And it is not irreligion. I love God, therefore I love and respect his law!

This makes Psalm 119 even more meaningful to me. "Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law." (Ps 119:18)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How to Build a High-Performance Team

Great video today by John Spence on "How to Create a High-Performance Team." I also recommend his latest book entitled Awesomely Simple. Leaders need to watch this video and read his book!