Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Next Generation of Church Planter Training

On May 30-31 we will be hosting our training "The Essentials for Starting a Missional Church." This training is considered "the next generation" of church planter training for several reasons!

First, we begin with a thoughtful analysis of our ecclesiology. What do we really believe about the church? What are we REALLY trying to start?

Second, instead of presenting the latest or most popular "model" of church, we guide the planter through a process to think like a missionary and to design a unique model that fits his/her gifting and that fits the context in which they are planting. We take the planter much deeper in his/her understanding of contextualization. With that said, we will explore best practices, but we will do it with your context in mind.

Next, we place a very strong emphasis on the movement of God which is foundational to any successful church planting endeavor. The birth of a new church is truly a miracle. But it is a miracle that God wants to perform all over the world. We will discover how to identify what God is doing and how to join Him in His activity of giving birth to new churches.

Also, we will give special emphasis to the transformational impact new churches can and should have in their world, both locally and globally.

This training will be unlike most any other church planter training you will experience. Register now and join us in Houston, TX on May 30-31 for "The Essentials for Starting a Missional Church." For more details, click here!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Learn to Delegate!!!

Almost every church planter and pastor I talk with seem to think they delegate well. However, upon deeper probing I discover regularly that they do not leverage delegation well. In fact, my experience is that they are only getting 10% of the leverage (at best) that is possible for them!

Recently I gave a message at a church on the topic of Professional Margin (primarily aimed at business professionals, but very much needed by pastors.) My text was Exodus 18:13-26. This would be worth your focus for a season!

One of the key factors in delegation is training people to make decisions. Having to make all the decisions was killing Moses, and it is killing many church planters. We have to be training others to make decisions. If we need to control all the decisions, we are stunting the growth of our people, the growth of our church, and our own personal growth as a leader. Many church planters are scared to death of letting someone else make decisions. Of course, you should not delegate decision-making to someone who you have not trained and who you do not have confidence in. But with that said, you must let others make decisions, which means they will have some part in shaping your organization! Can you trust them and can you trust the Lord?

In assessments, most pastors score very low in delegation. I want to encourage you to make this a high priority for you! Don't let yourself feel guilty by having more free time to think, read, and rest. Guard the gate, but give the ministry away! I want to challenge you to become the most effective delegater you can be. Until you delegate, you have not "equipped the saints!" But don't delegate until you DO equip the saints to whom you are delegating! If you need help with this, get a coach!